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Our beautiful classic Fairway London taxi can park up and be ready to go selling amazing cocktails at your event with speakers and comfortable seating in the back for five. For those lucky five, the‘taxi booth’ is a unique drinking space for resting their feet, listening to tunes and sipping on a cocktail. No one gets left out though; everyone else can get served at the window.


* Why use us?

The Tipple Taxi will draw extra custom to your event bar and so a variety of pricing options are available, from simple hire to partnership on stock purchase and sales.

There are fantastic opportunities for marketing and PR using the Tipple Taxi, especially of course for spirit brands.

We have a 6 year background in cocktail bars, events and also festival bars. We have a personal license to sell alcohol at licensed events and the vehicle and driver is insured for public liability.

* Give us a shout

If you like the look of our taxi but, beverage service isn’t suitable for your event; there are plenty of other options. We’ve got loads of ideas, and we’re sure you do too. Just give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do.

For bookings and enquiries please get in touch with us at info@thetippletaxi.com

It’s a taxi that sells Margaritas!

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